Spider Series

 Spider series

                                                     The eye contacts

           He just resumed in school and as a fresher, all he could think of was his books, grades, G.P.A and maybe, get his true love. Although, he was this guy that loved American movies and watched lotta cartoons and read lotta comics too. Trust him, spider man was one of his favorites, he believed in the, “let-me-be-your-parker-and-you’ll-be-my-Mary-Jane” saga. He was really a love “imaginator” (if there’s anything like that) …oh, yes! Hmm, she … yes! She was beautiful; she always had this enchanting smile on her pretty face and was brilliant-I think. For the first few weeks, they never met … I mean, (“he” and “she”). Sorry, was that their name? Of course, not!

                               Where were we? Okay! She was this model-shaped teenager, with a nice stature, stance and look. 

 … He was going on well with academics and was preparing for his exams.

                               … Oh, sorry! Before exams, he had had series of lectures, with students packed together in this not too disgusting classroom they call, “Music Lecture Theatre (MLT)”. (I know that already, can we continue?). During lectures, they were always having “eye contacts” (you know what I mean?)… With series of supposed eye contacts, he fell for her and now, he’s looking for the right opportunity to talk to her, and tell her how and what he feels about her.

                               Today, Friday is the perfect day to talk to her. He’s in class, and some few minutes later, she enters with this brilliant, “parole-spoiling” friend of hers, and later on, they leave again for their hostel, … outside School of E&T building, on their way to board a bus ( a mini-bus actually), he walks up to her like an inexperienced guy would do.

                NB: this could be unrealistic, but trust me; it’s as real as you.

In a low pitch, he starts the conversation.

He: hey … go-od af-ter-no-on (in a shaky voice).

She: good afternoon, can I help you?

He: I’m (mentions his name), a … (mentions his course of study and level) and I’d like to…ehm, kno-w you.

She: sorry, I didn’t get that.

Her friend: (interrupts) oh! You’re looking for … (mentions his name-sake’s name).

The inexperienced and love “imaginator” admits, changing to a different topic entirely.

He: hmm… ye-es, yes! Do you know where he is?

She: no, I don’t. Maybe he’s at home.

He: tell him, I’d like to see him.

She: okay, no problem.

They all turn towards their various paths, and then she came back calling him. He turns enthusiastically…

She: sorry, how did you get to know that he’s someone I know?

                               … You know that awkward moment that you’re being asked an impromptu question and the first answer that comes to your mind is silly, but due to pressure you give that silly answer and you turn back immediately, smiling, 0r rather, frowning at your stupidity.  He remembers spider man and answers;

He: sp**** s****, I guess.

Remember the famous hero in the famous comic, spider man? If you passed through childhood then you’ll know that his major attribute that helped him was his ability to perceive evil and danger and give a timely rescue. … He leaves them wondering and asking one another,

                                                … What’s sp**** s****?


                                      EXPLICIT WRITERS

             MOTTO: Everyone’s got a story to tell, but we do it explicitly.


About Explicit Writers

A dreamer, believer and achiever... that's all it takes to put words down. There are no boundaries! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has words floating around, only the explicit writers show them. This sums me up

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  1. Bankole Michael O.

    I’ll like to know this peter parker,


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