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Like other languages in the world, Spanish language has many verbs which are used in communicating.  One of these Spanish verbs is my favorite, “regressar”.

“Regressar” means, to come-back or to return. Coming back or returning is something that should be of paramount interest to a man that has success in mind, not considering his area of specialization. In this write-up, we’re going to talk about people that have made it as a result of their ability to come-back and scale the hurdles of life that took them down. Through their determination, perseverance and tireless hard work, although “God” allowed their success (for those that believe there is one)-which I’m one of them.

As everyone in life has to go through his or her hard-time, set-back or ‘time-out’, it is only those with an ever-fighting spirit of coming back that can be successful. Image

Imagine the ever-famous business mogul, Late Chief M.K.O Abiola-one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in Nigeria. In an article I read about him sometimes ago, I could re-collect that he was a street hawker as a kid. Through his relentless effort, zeal and knowledge acquisition, he later became a force to reckon with in terms of business in his motherland and overseas, where he once hawked in its streets.ImageImage

Going beyond the shores of Nigeria into the elite and ever-growing world of science and technology, great inventors and discoverers that revolutionized science with their significant discoveries and inventions that will continue to hold many spell-bound, experienced set-backs or recession at one stage or the other of their celebrated-lives.

Ranging from the inventor of the light bulb(Thomas Edison)-who carried out his experiment for a great number of time before he finally invented the first light bulb, to Albert Einstein-who was known for being a dullard as a kid, before he ‘came back’ years after with his brilliant idea of relativity.

“What a great comeback!” still remains my favorite comment a commentator of any football match could make.

Although I was a kid when Nigeria defeated Brazil at Atlanta ’96 with four goals to three, but when my dad told me about the sudden-death goal by Nwankwo Kanu which shot Nigeria into the Olympic soccer final, I said to myself, “that’s the power of coming back”. But I don’t need to remind you about the dramatic battle of Istanbul on the 25th of May, 2005(Champions League final), where Liverpool F.C leveled a three-goal lead by A.C Milan to secure a penalty shoot-out which they won.

These are few examples of a great come back. I put it to you, without you having the ability to come back from distress, hard times, tough times, time-outs, disappointments and more, you will never be a success.

Go slow, dig deep, fly high, expand your horizon-with great determination and ability to bounce back, you’ll be the world’s greatest


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