Photo Credit: Faleye Israel | Model: Folarin Adeola

Gun is my Christmas gift,
Bullet is the bonus.
Yes, gun is our free gift,
Coming with a bonus of bullets.

Shipped from across the sea,
They call it our empowerment programme.
It flew from across the sea,
We are their foreign policy.

Gasses everywhere,
They pollute our air with the sweet fragrant smell of sarin.
Say, gasses ubiquitous,
Our air is sanctified with sarin.

For our freedom they claim to fight,
But corporate greed is at the fore.
They claim freedom fighting,
Alas corporate greed we see.

Shots of the gun birthed my birth,
By it I shall one day die,
Tomorrow is uncertain,
My certainty .

Written by: Oladele Oluwasogo (