You Think You Can Fish?

download-3Last weekend, I tried a new thing – something so interesting that I’m considering adding it to my list of hobbies but quite tasking and demanding that I might not even try it again for sometime to come. I went fishing. Not for souls now but literal fishes. I went with two fellas to another fella’s house at the other side of the road. We were supposed to meet around 10am but our guy had gone to use the ATM in town, so we had to wait a while. In fact, at a point I was already considering going back home. We were boringly entertained with this stale Nollywood movie for a while before my bowels started seeking for unnecessary attention. I thought I could hang on a while but no, nature definitely knows how to force its wishes down our throats. I could not help it but thank my stars, the fella we were waiting for was soon around (at least, that saved me from having to face his dad).
“Damn! A good one it was” that was all I could say after the deed was done. “I bet now I can really catch a truckload of fishes” *yinmu*

At our disposal were three fishing lines and a bottle of earthworms. “My, my… these dumb fishes are in trouble today”, I thought.

Boys ‘wormed’ up the hook as I watches in admiration, it was fishing time!
My cousin, Samuel, caught the first fish at first trial. It was a tiny tilapia, almost equal size of a pocket knife. But it was a really good start, it seemed pretty plausible and encouraging to a first-timer. As a fast learner (not being proud), I learnt how to wear worms for hooks so fast like I was putting on a pair of socks. “Let’s catch some fishes!” I gleefully and expectantly cheered. Then another fish was caught, except that it wasn’t me who did. It wasn’t my cousin either, it was another person. It was a pretty small fish too. So, I was pressured to make a catch (tiny or not) by now. But really, the ‘dumb fishes’ were clearly contrarily to my opinion smart worm hunters. They refused to be preys but predators.  They’re so sleek that you will know when they are down there peeling the worms off the hook like you would peel potatoes. Then eagerly, when the floater on the water sinks slightly, you would pull out your hook only to see nothing — no fish, no worm. If you were lucky, you’d probably meet a small portion of the worm wrapped around the hook.images-16


Well, I had a sort of a beginner’s luck. Probably Mama nature didn’t want me to get too frustrated that I might stop fishing all together. This time, I switched to another side of the river and dipped d bait in. Then I waited carefully and observed. I took note of every single vibration and ripple and studied how the floater slightly dip… yahoo! I caught a fish! It was like I’d won an Oscar or something. A moment of happiness filled up the woods, I felt birds cheering and trees dancing with joy. Happier I was when others switched sides too.
However, it didn’t last. Two to three fishes were caught again — still tiny ones. Obviously the big fishes were still enjoying summer in the deepest part of the river. I’m sure the river has bigger fishes ‘cos the weekend before I saw a boy come from the river with much bigger fishes than ours. But that boy had practically spent all the day their + it was not his first time.images-15
Overall, I was satisfied with the fishing adventure. I got to try something new and cool, I caught a fish on the first day, I had some time out to laugh and gist in a natural environment. It was fun for me. I don’t know if I can say that to one of us who saw four fishes get off his hook. He was a pro but all he caught was one or two tiny aquatic fellas. He was definitely pained but soon laughed it off. That’s not going to rain on our parade.

Dear esteemed reader, truly there are many fishes in the ocean but it takes character to catch any, it takes persistence and patience to catch the big guns, it takes one mistake and indiscipline to lose supposedly caught ones, it takes humor to keep trying.


So, do you think you can fish now?


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