You Think You Can Fish?

download-3Last weekend, I tried a new thing – something so interesting that I’m considering adding it to my list of hobbies but quite tasking and demanding that I might not even try it again for sometime to come. I went fishing. Not for souls now but literal fishes. I went with two fellas to another fella’s house at the other side of the road. We were supposed to meet around 10am but our guy had gone to use the ATM in town, so we had to wait a while. In fact, at a point I was already considering going back home. We were boringly entertained with this stale Nollywood movie for a while before my bowels started seeking for unnecessary attention. I thought I could hang on a while but no, nature definitely knows how to force its wishes down our throats. I could not help it but thank my stars, the fella we were waiting for was soon around (at least, that saved me from having to face his dad).
“Damn! A good one it was” that was all I could say after the deed was done. “I bet now I can really catch a truckload of fishes” *yinmu* Continue reading