Why can’t people THINK!

  • Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Holmes (Tv Series)

Complicated? Really? Are you sure about that?

Well, news flash! I’m not so sure about that. If one thing I’ve learnt from people who have their names and footprints imprinted in the sands of time and history, it’s never to call something ‘complicated’. THINK! Continue reading

Pioneering Spirit (MorningCheersMonday) #MCM

If you want something, go get it! Period!

  • Will Smith in Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

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Friday evening, at some minutes past 10, I was in church for vigil. I was searching for inspiration, I wanted something motivational I could write and share. Luckily, I found one. Continue reading





Photo Credit: Faleye Israel | Model: Folarin Adeola

Gun is my Christmas gift,
Bullet is the bonus.
Yes, gun is our free gift,
Coming with a bonus of bullets.

Shipped from across the sea,
They call it our empowerment programme.
It flew from across the sea,
We are their foreign policy.

Gasses everywhere,
They pollute our air with the sweet fragrant smell of sarin.
Say, gasses ubiquitous,
Our air is sanctified with sarin.

For our freedom they claim to fight,
But corporate greed is at the fore.
They claim freedom fighting,
Alas corporate greed we see.

Shots of the gun birthed my birth,
By it I shall one day die,
Tomorrow is uncertain,
My certainty .

Written by: Oladele Oluwasogo (




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I’m poised but not by it
Let’s say I have a low self-esteem
Living a conscious life
How would I embrace it?
My Illusion gets the better part of me
Maybe I’m just prone to a psychological projection
That I’m graced by it
I wonder how to get its attention
No attention, no reaction
Now I’m bruised by it
In darkness, I know me without it
Facing the light, it falls behind me
I’m bruised but not by it
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The Final Chapter

This is the last time!


And we decided to meet for the one last time. The last of everything. The restaurant didn’t look the same anymore. The seat which once craved to seat us was disappointed. The walls which heard our stupid conversation was staring blankly at us. We made way to “Our seat”. This time we sat on opposite chairs just to avoid anything awkward happening. So what would you like to have, he asked. Woah now you even forgot my favorite food, she replied. And then came a meek response I remember what is it, just thought you must have changed your preferences. Of course I have mitesh, but I have changed but my preferences remain the same, same food, same clothing, same person(silently). And he blushes. Waiter get rajma chawal for madam and the same for me. She smiles. He holds her hand and kisses them softly. She(Angrily) what are you doing…

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A Little More Time (MorningCheersMonday) #MCM

On a bright sunny day, Mr. Larinx woke up and looked into the beautiful blue sky, what proceeded out of his mouth was “but why, God?”images (18) Continue reading

Once She Gets Attached

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Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space     (Ainsworth, 1973; Bowlby, 1969).

Once she gets attached; she’s loyal, she’s committed, she’s honest, she’s faithful, she’s dependable, she’s caring but you know what comes with that? Continue reading

5 Ways to Cope with Defeats

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Have you ever felt defeated? How did you deal with it?

The effects of defeat can be deadly. I say that because the most common symptom of defeat is depression. Worse still is that the most severe symptom of depression is suicide. When people feel they have no other way out, they simply give up. Without hope for a better future they chose the easy way out today.

Here are 5 lessons that could could save your life or that of a loved one:

1. Tell yourself “This didn’t come to stay, it came to pass!”

Write it on sticky notes and post them everywhere. Place one on your mirror so that these are the first words you see every morning. Write these words in your journal. You must learn to encourage yourself, whether or not you feel like it. Do it and the feelings will come later on.

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2. Find someone to share your feelings with who has gone through a similar experience.

Only people who have been where you are can honestly say “I know where you are coming from.” As a rule, the rest of the free advice you will get from your well-meaning friends, family and associates is worth every penny you pay for it. Find a true encourager even if it’s online. I have coached people I have never met to step back from the brink of suicide. images (20)

3. Realize that everything happens for a reason.

Constantly remind yourself as many times a day as you need to, “All things work out for my good!” Look for the good in every situation. The fact is: we don’t know if a failure is good or bad. Sometimes, missing a flight, which seems like an utter failure and disappointment at the time, can turn out to be a real blessing. Our perspective changes when we hear that the plane which we were supposed to be on, has crashed. It is at that moment that our disappointment turns into gratitude.

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4. Learn to view failures as lessons.

There are times what appears to be a defeat is really a setup for something much greater that God has in store for our lives. Closed doors can be a blessing. They keep us from getting stuck in something good and prevent us from discovering the best for our lives. Keep moving along the corridor of life. Keep trying doors. Stop trying to kick them down. Doors that don’t open may be locked for a reason.

5. Look up and look ahead.

Stop beating yourself up! Don’t keep looking back, you’re not headed in that direction. Keep moving ahead with the belief and determination that the right doors will open at the right time. Sometimes the wilderness experience we are going through is simply preparing us for an incredible future ahead.

By Francis Chizoma

My twitter love

My name is Monica and this is my story.
It all started on a Sunday evening, I felt so
big because I cannot lower my standards to
start talking to some dead girls. I mean I’m a
big girl, I should be found with bigger girls
and bigger boys. Anyways that’s aside.

My roommates were not around so I decided
to start tweeting. I didn’t really have
anything to tweet, I went through peoples
tweet so i started stealing people’s tweets.
Most of my followers were retweetting it
because it was really making sense. My
roommates got back but I ignored them
because I was really having fun on twitter.
Around 1:00 am I got a DM from a guy, I
almost ignored it but I checked it.
It was just ‘hi’ from a guy. I checked his avi,
OMG this guy is so handsome and on point
plus he has over 5000 followers. Definitely,
he must be a big boy and he should have
cash, this attracted me to him and we started
chatting; in my mind I have found new
maga. He introduced himself and told me he
is loving my tweets because they really
inspire him. I told him they were all my
He must have believed me because the next
thing I knew he started telling me his life
story. He told me how his girl friend broke
his heart and all, he said he loved the girl so
much and gave her everything she wanted;
he gave her an I phone 4 and also got her a
diamond ring he proposed to her with. All
this got me thinking of when I would be
getting my own diamond ring.
Since he got her an Iphone 4 I might get the
new Z10! Finally, someone to change my
blackberry bold1. He also mentioned giving
her the key to his house in Lekki when he
was travelling to America to see his parents.
My eyes were wide opened that was how I
knew that YES this guy is perfectly boxed up.
I wasn’t going to let him think I was the
broke one, so I started forming for him too. I
lied to him about how rich my parents
were .
I started consoling him and telling him that
not all girls are the same. Not because I pity
him but common this guy is young and rich
and this kind of fresh fish cannot slip away
from my hand NO! When he called me, I
spoke with a black American accent I learned
from watching TV.
Soon we started planning our first meeting.
He asked me for how much I needed. I
replied. No thanks, I don’t need your money.
He sensed I was being modest and he asked
me if 100 thousand naira will be adding that
he would give it to me when I come over. I
had to look good to impress this guy, my
broke Bottom had only two thousand naira. I
went ahead to buy a Brazilian weave on
I also borrowed thirty five thousand naira
from a friend. I made a good meal. I got new
clothes and other stuffs. Nneka had warned
me not to come back to school if I didn’t get
her money.
We met. While he drove me to the
undisclosed place, I talked and laughed at his
dry jokes. We got to lekki he stopped by one
of the houses, he said he wanted to get
something from his friend. Immediately he
left, his phone rang but I didn’t pick up, the
fourth time the person called I picked up and
the person said “I get your message say you
don pick the girl, abeg wait for me before
you start to dey knack am because I wan
knack am too.
We go do a before you ask for her ATM card
and pin oo. Since you talk say na rich girl, he
mean say she go get correct money. No Bleep
up oo before she go no say you be broke guy,
continue to dey form fonee u hear, helooo,
hello, hello”.
I took my things, entered the next cab I
saw………. Haaaaa BAD MARKET. Wat will I
tell Nneka!!!http://t.pssss.lrs

Little things


My world is great,
With less expectation from all creation.
But not withstanding, the idea of accepting the extra-ordinary.

Did I just say extra-ordinary?
Okay, let me explain.
Every little thing
Makes the ordinary extra-ordinary

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Without no expectation.
But yet, every little action,
Little idea, little attitude
Little exclamation, little assumption
Little thought
Makes my world great
Than anyone could ever conclude

Do you know every conversation
Has a secret?