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I’m poised but not by it
Let’s say I have a low self-esteem
Living a conscious life
How would I embrace it?
My Illusion gets the better part of me
Maybe I’m just prone to a psychological projection
That I’m graced by it
I wonder how to get its attention
No attention, no reaction
Now I’m bruised by it
In darkness, I know me without it
Facing the light, it falls behind me
I’m bruised but not by it

images (24).jpgNoises in my head but it’s not from you
In daylight, I can’t find you
In the dark that looms, you are perfectly blended
I wonder how a word exists for you
Oh! shadow of numerous shades
Shades unknown and shades well-known
Far better than shades of fifty
Revolving round me as the big bright ball shifts
Silently watching, yet significant
Like a revolving ball, I sometimes wish “away you drift”
We so stuck than I can comprehend
With you, I’m always down to earth
I’m amazed but not by you
A silent witness; so dumb, so numb
Shadow of one colour
How dark can you be?
I’m bruised but not by you


  • Oghenetega & Oluwadamilola

About Explicit Writers

A dreamer, believer and achiever... that's all it takes to put words down. There are no boundaries! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has words floating around, only the explicit writers show them. This sums me up

4 responses to “SHADOW

  1. Nice post you got… Keep it up… If you don’t mind, check out my blog….feedback is highly welcome… Thanks!


  2. Oh you have expressed it so beautifully.. thanks for sharing

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