A Little More Time (MorningCheersMonday) #MCM

On a bright sunny day, Mr. Larinx woke up and looked into the beautiful blue sky, what proceeded out of his mouth was “but why, God?”images (18)Why would such be the first out a man early in the morning. He was tired of his situation and thought how could it have been him. “How”, “why”, he said repeatedly.

He summed up and encouraged with the conclusion of “…as from now on, its all about me, I’m tired of helping people make it while am just here, enough is enough. I have to live and do it all by myself now”

As he was muttering words and pacing in anger, his younger brother inquired what went wrong and why the look, early in the morning. He said, “I don’t have a thing to point to as an achievement – not one thing!”. Then his brother smiled and replied, “but you are a life coach; you helped me overcome my fears, I see people you’ve impacted, I’ve seen you touch lives through your words and yet you say you are a failure.”

The brother asked gently, “Bro. Larinx, what can you say about fulfilment?” He muttered, “achievement of success about something”. The brother asked again, “what about purpose?” Larinx answered, “its the reason you are created, what you were made to achieve”

The brother speaks further, “but do you know you are more fulfilled than a man with all the wealth, because your wealth is not in material things but your wealth is in human vessels? People you have groomed, encouraged, changed and given hope, those are the likes that makes up your wealth”.

Larinx sobbed, “but how does these relate to me being buoyant, famous and respected”. The brother reminded him the story of Mordeccai in the bible; he raised the poor Esther; he saved the king but he wasn’t rewarded. His wealth, fame, power and respect was stored up to multiply while he waited.

They day he was to be rewarded, he had even forgotten he once saved the king. He raised Esther all because it’s what he felt right, easy and passionate about– giving hope.

Mordeccai rode on the king’s horse and became the king’s in-law. Is Mordeccai a fulfilled man?

Tears rolled down Larinx’s face. He discovered he had been foolish.

His brother said to him:

“patience is all you need my dear brother, someone is mentioning you to your king soon; don’t stop grooming kings. The more you build, the greater you become. Kings here and there, all wanting you around them because of your wise words, encouragement, coaching, correction, advice and all. Please show me a man more wealthy, show me a man who is famous, who is a man more powerful.

Larinx wept and realised where he made the wrong turn.

Moral: Do what you are doing now at your best as if you would never get the chance to do more. Your funds may be low, you might be discouraged, you might not be heard by everyone. Don’t stop! The day you’ll be brought to limelight is by the corner. Your tireless effort over the time will shoot you high than expected. Don’t get discouraged.”Little more time”.

  • Temitope

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A dreamer, believer and achiever... that's all it takes to put words down. There are no boundaries! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has words floating around, only the explicit writers show them. This sums me up

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