Once She Gets Attached

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Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space     (Ainsworth, 1973; Bowlby, 1969).

Once she gets attached; she’s loyal, she’s committed, she’s honest, she’s faithful, she’s dependable, she’s caring but you know what comes with that?She’s jealous, she’s clingy, she’s annoying, she’s overprotective, she’s emotional, she’s crazy, you could push her away but she’ll come back to you.You could piss her off but she can never stay mad at you. You could lie to her but she would try to trust you. You could keep making mistakes but she would forgive you over and over again. She has no dime but she can save the little she gets to call you, just to know how you’re doing. You could make her hate you but she would start loving you all over again.
Men… if you have got such a girl pls don’t let her go. Do whatever it takes for both of you to last forever. Make her feel special if you truly love her. You may take her for granted now but once she’s out of your life that’s when you would realize what she meant to you. You would miss her and cry for her but she would be long gone…So, if you have that chance use it now and act accordingly!

By Debby Oni


About Explicit Writers

A dreamer, believer and achiever... that's all it takes to put words down. There are no boundaries! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has words floating around, only the explicit writers show them. This sums me up

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