Mystery Box

images (21)Speak less and your life will remain a mystery to others

  • Oluwadamilola

What I think is the greatest personality ever is still the mysterious kind of personality.

Not in the good-looking, serial killer kind of way but the reserved, speak-when-you-should way. No matter how popular you are or how popular you get, you will need this to stay out of trouble. There are so many celebrities whose names and professional lives you know but personal lives you have little or no clue about.

I’m not anti-social (if I were, you won’t find me blogging) but really, in this age where all we strive for is to appear as we are not (thanks to Instagram), it will give people a different attitude towards you when they don’t always know what you are up on. And yes;

 the only things you’re down on are the things you’re not up on

They have no idea you’ve been to the Carribeans or you’ve seen the famous Eiffel tower or you met with one rich dude in a club in Las Vegas. It’s not bad to share your exploits with friends, just don’t flood them with it. I mean, cut them some slack! Facebook could really be annoying sometimes!

The massive round, mostly-green, mostly-blue with a lot of browns terrestrial ball does not revolve round you or anybody else. So, please spare us the rants about your ‘awesome life’.

images (22)

Leave people with reasons to have interest in you, give them reasons to be keen on you. Don’t make your life’s tale obvious, give them reasons to ask questions. However, when they really do want to be up on you, when they ask questions. Please answer, help their curiousity. Treat everyone like they could be the key to your destiny. Prove that your mysterious life is not of pride but of reservation and common sense. Make them realise they’re not wrong to have an interest in you and it’s even a privilege. Above all; when people are rejoicing, rejoice with them and when otherwise, don’t go MIA. And when you do need to reach out to people, please do. Everybody needs somebody.

  • Oluwadamilola

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A dreamer, believer and achiever... that's all it takes to put words down. There are no boundaries! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has words floating around, only the explicit writers show them. This sums me up

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  2. Masterbhiddy

    People who hide what they are…….Dats mystery


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